An Otherworldly Realm Exists Here.
One Of Visionary Color & Extraordinary Ideas.
Of Like-Minded Creatives & Merry-Making Gatherings.

Welcome To The World Of Concetta Antico.


The Visionary Lounge’s Debut Soiree

October 10 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Visionary Realms

November 14 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


“Early in my career I was told by a prominent gallery owner in the USA that I would never sell my art because it wasn’t controversial enough, modern enough and shocking enough. I was told that no one would buy “roses”. I replied that I would never “sell out” to the status quo, or to marketing.

My art stems from beauty. The heavenliness I see around me everyday in nature, in water, in skies, in the universe… It is a manifestation of my pure visual delight, and a celebration of the wondrous gifts given to us by this glorious planet. My collectors tell me they can viserally feel joy emanate to them when they look at my work.

I create from my heart. That will never change. I channel authentically from the super visions I see through my gifted Tetrachromatic sight. The 100 million more brilliant colors I resolve, so that the world may see them too. My work will remain as my epitaph. My visual forever statements to appreciate what we have been given. Reminders that we are so blessed here on earth.

Today, with over 1000 original works in private and public collections worldwide, it appears he was wrong…

I thank you for seeing me and appreciating my life’s purpose in art.”

Concetta Antico