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Concetta’s Journal

Holding the Hope of Rainbows – Concetta’s Journal, December

December 1st, 2020|

What a year!  As excited as we were for 2020 to begin twelve months ago, I know we are all equally eager for it to soon be over. Now more than ever we need to believe in the promise of a better future with the coming of the “new”.  With the Covid blues in our recent memory - or present, for some - we can be hopeful to replace them with a new horizon, with “somewhere over the rainbow” hope with this eminent new chapter.  Let’s turn the page! 

Past Is Present In All Things Beautiful! – Concetta’s Journal, November

November 18th, 2020|

That overwhelming feeling which moves through our bones and swirls in our hearts. That sense of belonging. The cord connecting us all to the ancestral and ancient. It’s the intangible “home” that we carry around with us and hold oh so dear. It’s the flame which lights our senses when we are awakened to something sentimental, something familiar… Whether it’s the smell of home baked bread, seeing our Mother’s favourite garden flower, or hearing a bird singing outside our window, we come home, yet again.

New Beginnings and Old World Charm – Concetta’s Journal, October

October 5th, 2020|

This month, my Northern Rivers art gallery is reborn in Bangalow. The Concetta Antico Gallery originally opened on my beloved Tooraloo Farm in Ewingsdale earlier this year, but with the perfect building on Byron Street becoming available, I leapt at the opportunity to base my art in the charming village I originally fell in love with when visiting from the US years ago, and to free up the original space for my private studio and art school.

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