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Create your reality

The Art of Actualizing Your Magick! – Concetta’s Journal, September

At times like these we need to draw on our superpowers! Primarily, our Magick - the art and science of bringing shifts through will and intention, which can effect change in our lives. We are all capable, yet so many go through life shrouded from the power they possess.

September 3rd, 2020|

Are the stars out tonight..? – Concetta’s Journal, August

SIGH. Our days are OH SO long during these ongoing lockdown times. So often we are finding ourselves in the mundane of morning. Or rote in our daily routes and routines. We long for different. For change. For travel…or simply a new view. We are confined, or so we believe. But are we really?

August 4th, 2020|

Breaking Free & Finding Joy – Concetta’s Journal, July

How do you see? What do you perceive? What is your unique impression of the world and your experience in it? Did you know that the amount of joy you feel each moment corresponds with the way you “see” what’s around you? Fact is, if you aren’t looking for happiness in your world you won’t see it, and you won’t feel it either…

July 1st, 2020|