Originally from Sydney, Australia, Concetta Antico resided in California for over 30 years running her highly successful visionary art offerings there. During that time, she taught over 25,000 students the joy of oil painting, & sold over 1000 original works. Now residing in the art mecca of Byron Bay, Australia, at her magical farm stay “Tooraloo”, The Color Queen has come home. Here she has established her opus; an enchanted fine art gallery, for all to visit and explore.


Concetta’s gallery transports you into an otherworldly domain, where you can view her stunning original tetrachromatic oil on canvas masterpieces. With over 100 million more scientifically endorsed hues, her creations are coveted by collectors worldwide. Concetta’s gifted super vision produces the true colors of the world, on canvas, for all to see.
Her works are a window into another realm.


Scientifically studied & endorsed by Dr. Kimberly Jameson at UC Irvine, California since 2012, Concetta has become the subject of many scientific publications. She consistently garners avid media attention making her work highly collectible. Press includes award-winning documentaries (CBC, BBC & KPBS), as well as being featured in 100’s of publications such as Vogue, IFL Science, New York Magazine, Culture Trip, Reader’s Digest & Where Magazine.


Concetta also confers a myriad of visionary services including intuitive psychic tarot readings, life coaching, art soirees & group, or private oil painting instruction. Please enjoy her online gallery site, peek at her personal ConcettaAntico.com site, or visit Tooraloo to see all that magic can conjure!


Concetta regularly hosts live painting demonstrations, new works exhibitions, lively art discussions & like-minded “cafe society” style soirees at her members-only Visionary Lounge. To add yourself to her mailing list, or to enquire about her artwork & fascinating events, email her at info@ConcettaAnticoGallery.com