Originally from Sydney, Australia, Concetta Antico resided in California for over 30 years running her highly successful visionary art offerings there. During that time, she taught over 25,000 students the joy of oil painting, & sold over 1000 original works. Now residing in the art mecca of Byron Bay, Australia, at her magical farm stay “Tooraloo”, The Color Queen has come home. Here she has established her opus; an enchanted fine art gallery, for all to visit and explore.


Concetta’s gallery transports you into an otherworldly domain, where you can view her stunning original tetrachromatic oil on canvas masterpieces. With over 100 million more scientifically endorsed hues, her creations are coveted by collectors worldwide. Concetta’s gifted super vision produces the true colors of the world, on canvas, for all to see. Her works are a window into another realm.


Scientifically studied & endorsed by Dr. Kimberly Jameson at UC Irvine, California since 2012, Concetta has become the subject of many scientific publications. She consistently garners avid media attention making her work highly collectible. Press includes award-winning documentaries (CBC, BBC & KPBS), as well as being featured in 100’s of publications such as Vogue, IFL Science, New York Magazine, Culture Trip, Reader’s Digest & Where Magazine.


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TS Zaracostas

T.S.. Zaracostas is a Wollongong, NSW painter who is energised by experimentation with different media and painting techniques. Never predictable, she is always looking for new ways to express the world around her. Colour, texture and mixed media are hallmarks of her practice.

The local environment with its gardens, cottages and built structures that have stories to tell are the mainstay of her early art. In her recent contemporary works she is experimenting with a limited colour palette. Objects and figures seemingly float in space. Hard edge underpainting and floating objects generate a collage-like effect.

She has always painted, starting as a child growing up in a family that encouraged and supported art. She studied at TAFE in Wollongong as a mature aged student, revelling in the exposure to a variety of techniques and ideas. It was there she developed a passion for telling stories about the lived environment and a keen interest in portraiture and the discipline of life drawing.

She is a current IAVA member, Art Educator at Wollongong Art Gallery, member of Project Contemporary Artspace and works out of the Barracks Art Studios, Thirroul.

Monsieur Diop

Monsieur Diop, is a French artist, DJ, event producer and broadcaster that based himself in the Northern Rivers 3 years ago.Monsieur Diop studied fine art in Belgium (St Luc).

Whether it is Music or visual arts his approach is the same.
“It is the absence of control and the hazardous skill of dealing with whatever life brings that creates poetry“ “If you look in nature, nothing is ever the same, nothing is ever repeating, square and even, it is a constant progression of natural incidences and yet it is always so harmonious” says Monsieur Diop a true believer in the laws of Order in Chaos, Trial and Error.
Mixing pictures, collaging music, it is all about collecting bits and pieces to create juxtaposition, contrasts, stories and poetry.

Based in Berlin during 2009 and 2015; Monsieur Diop was an active member of the collective KulturErsatzt ; creating street fashion shows, free parties, pop-up restaurants, art exhibitions and running an art gallery in Funkhaus- Grunau.

Monsieur Diop Artwork is exclusively for sale at The Concetta Antico Art Gallery in Bangalow,

Jex Lopez

Jex Lopez is a raconteuse who draws inspiration from the heart and spirit of the Northern Rivers on Bundjalung country, which her family has called home for many generations. Spanning avant-garde music, art and teaching, Jex’s diverse creative practice is socially engaged as she responds to our times and strives to heal our collective grief. She makes beauty from the shadows and finds theatre and joy where we could easily despair.

“My latest block print images were born from the ashes of last year’s bushfires, carved and hand printed at home while surrounded by smoke and devastation. As I created each new life, I created a corresponding narrative of hope. Each of these creatures – birds, frogs, gum blossoms – and the stories I created for their futures, helped heal my grief around so much loss to our environment.”

Debuting at the Concetta Antico Gallery, Jex’s creations are deep and beautiful and yet show a cheekiness born from many years of performing for children in Sydney and the local area.